Manicure stores do service work

Manicure industry is now very deep suction gold, the public investors. To successfully run a Manicure franchise, is not easy, you have to know how to serve customers. What Manicure stores do service work? This Xiaobian Zhizhao, a look.

1 offers is crucial in the store’s warm and comfortable atmosphere for a customer, it puts forward some requirements of the franchise in the decorative pattern and color collocation, store decoration, show ingenuity, health and the environment clean and tidy is the focus of the work of shaping a good image of the atmosphere. Good Manicure stores, will allow customers to have a very comfortable feel, but also have the idea again next time.

2 customers after the door, Manicure teachers should take the initiative to greet him warmly, keep a low profile, with professional etiquette and professional terms, with a smile greet customers in tea seat. To make the customer feel Manicure division of self-cultivation, temperament, high professional standards.

3 is running a good Manicure service personnel quality based on customer necessary ability, dress, manners have sharp observation and judgment, to find other suitable channels of communication and communication, with the psychological guidance of their behavior, be decent, decent and customer communication, nursing. To understand what customers have done Manicure, which used products, and carefully registered to show your work rigorous, enhance customer trust.

Consultation and diagnosis process of

4 professional customer confidence invite customers to Manicure consultation room to do a skin test, combined with their actual experience, help the customer to check and analyze the condition of the skin, fill in the Manicure consultation card, and discuss together with customers in the maintenance of the skin and some matters needing attention. For customers of all skin problems for professional course design, including diet, daily life, daily care and other professional advice. Manicure division is not only theoretically for customers to conduct scientific analysis, but also to the customer details maintenance in daily life, but also want to say sincere and reasonable, let the customer rest assured that the skin to you, enhance customer confidence in Manicure division.

5 perfect service the whole process when the customer is willing to accept the service, Manicure teachers should tell the assistant prepare, and personally or sent assistant customer placed belongings, let the customer enjoy Manicure service to eliminate the menace from the rear. Ask the customer Manicure lying on the sofa, adjust the brightness of the light, the music volume, asked to cover the quilt, lying posture is comfortable. Do the cleaning and disinfection work in front of the customer, strictly abide by the principle of health from the start of a basin of water, to the customer to explain every care program, to enhance the professional image of Manicure shop.

6 service after the end of the work is particularly important to customers