Seminar on innovation and Entrepreneurship of college students held in Sichuan Vocational and Techni

innovation and entrepreneurship work needs to start from the University, cultivate people’s innovative thinking, so that more students recognize the importance of entrepreneurship. At present, Sichuan Vocational and Technical College has successfully held a symposium on innovation and entrepreneurship for college students.

2016 in the afternoon of March 17th, enrollment and employment at the Sichuan Vocational and Technical College, Yang Jianping, Chen Yun invited Qi Mo and Ma Yong, four experts in the academic report hall successfully held the college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship symposium. The Department in charge of the employment of college leadership, employment guidance teachers and college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship club members and students on behalf of a total of more than 210 people attended the meeting.

the special report will encourage the students to take the initiative to join the innovation trend of the times, the courage to challenge themselves in innovation and entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial idea also allows students to understand the relevant knowledge of the business, for their entrepreneurial path have a preliminary guide.

the field of College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship symposium, that will allow more students to understand the consciousness of innovation and entrepreneurship, let students have entrepreneurial ideas, for the dream to prepare in advance!



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