Management strategy of joining cold drink shop

cold stores are very popular every year in the summer, cold drink shop, now is a lot in the high streets and back lanes that, when joining some cold store will have what stress? Let’s take a look.

"magic drink" cold drink shop to join the project, the hands of only a few million, also can become big business:

1, entrepreneurial support: headquarters to provide professional and technical training, gift shop professional equipment, decoration VI CD, providing raw materials and new product training guidance.

2, marketing support: headquarters to provide a full range of marketing support, magic drink 5S management system (professional creative marketing experience, Gen   Italy Magic Festival theme marketing, marketing, community marketing, emotional marketing magic magic) the one and only creative combination of   marketing system, so that consumers in droves, have sought.

3, market support: magic drink unique market supervision system, a series of services, each partner has the specific market supervision   a road convoy that partners have no worries.

4, logistics and distribution: the exclusive distribution of raw materials, to protect the quality of the product, convenient logistics centralized procurement and distribution,  , greatly reducing the operating costs of the partners.

5, business district protection: in accordance with the principle of protecting the interests of investors, according to the contract strictly control the number and density of stores.

6, legal protection: investor rights will be detailed in the form of a detailed authorized contract in the form of law to protect.


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