Protect the environment of Fujian ten start

Since the reform and opening up, China’s economy has achieved rapid development, people’s living standards have been significantly improved, but the damage to the environment at the expense of the consequences of our living environment is getting worse and worse

. In October 15th, the provincial government formally issued the "Fujian province soil pollution prevention action plan implementation plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan"), marking the following "atmospheric ten" and "ten water", Fujian province "earth ten" again in the first floor.

as the promotion of ecological civilization construction of the test area, a major initiative to declare war on pollution, "implementation plan" to make a comprehensive strategic plan for Fujian Province, soil pollution prevention and control work in the future period, improve the ecological environment, to ensure the quality of all kinds of natural ecological system security and stability has a positive effect. Fujian Province, "ten" what are the highlights? How will affect people’s lives? The day before, the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau official interview, make a detailed interpretation of the "implementation plan".

Q: please tell us about the background of the "ten items" in Fujian Province

: soil and air, water, is the material basis for human survival, economic and social development and the survival of future generations. In May 31, 2016, the State Council issued the "soil pollution prevention action plan", clearly requires the provinces to develop and publish the work plan of soil pollution prevention and control, to determine the key tasks and objectives.

as the first national ecological civilization construction in Fujian test area, soil pollution prevention and control work has been at the forefront of the country, as early as in 2006, Fujian province started the investigation of soil pollution in the province, the soil environmental quality, emissions of major pollutants, enterprises in key industries layout were analyzed and a large number of field research, Fujian province system for soil pollution the problem of finding out the characteristics and causes.

2015, Fujian Province on the part of key enterprises and the original soil survey abnormal point soil surrounding encrypted investigation, further to find out the condition of soil in Fujian Province, the same year the introduction of "Fujian province soil pollution prevention and control measures" (provincial government Decree No. 172nd), puts forward the soil pollution prevention and control of soil pollution, the legal responsibility of soil environmental management measures.

2015 in October, the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau actively with the provincial departments launched the "implementation plan" plan, the drafting of the national team of experts invited "earth ten" of the Ministry of environmental protection Environmental Planning Institute to take the lead to carry out the task of compiling, analysis of pollution sources of soil and other preparatory work. After repeated demonstration research, widely solicited opinions and suggestions of the parties concerned, which lasted for a year finally took the lead in the country to become the current and future period of Fujian soil pollution prevention action plan.

Q: what is the highlight of the implementation of Fujian? What are the highlights of innovation? Recommended