The opening of the second nternational Business Festival

in order to promote innovation and entrepreneurship, a variety of entrepreneurial competition, roadshow tour, the lecture is a wave after wave, of course, these forms of business meetings, entrepreneurs are an opportunity. The second Zhuhai Macao International Business Festival April 23rd in Hengqin open, not to be missed!

  recently, the reporter from the Zhuhai Macao International Business Festival press conference was informed by the Zhuhai business fraternity, Hengqin · jointly organized by the Macao youth entrepreneurship Valley and Macao news network second Zhuhai Macao International Business Festival, will be held in April 23rd in Macao Hengqin · youth entrepreneurship Valley officially launched. It is understood that in addition to the opening ceremony find everything fresh and new, the business section is to pay more attention to the interactive platform will create entrepreneurs and investors in the content.

    Zhuhai business fraternity President Guo Zhiru introduced, in response to the "public entrepreneurship, innovation" call, Zhuhai venture Union launched in March 21, 2015 held the first Zhuhai Macao entrepreneurship festival which is defined as the annual session. This event will bring together outstanding enterprises in various industries and many innovative and creative participants, with many "dry cargo" during the two days of activities full of issues and activities.

in April 23rd to start the day, the organizing committee will organize a series of entrepreneurs and investors interactive forums, corporate presentations, project roadshow, provide multiple exchanges docking platform for participants to be held in April 24th; a large coffee will enjoy private entrepreneurship, Chinese Festival, Zhuhai Macao released entrepreneurial role models, alumni Zhuhai Macao International Business festival. At that time, not only in the grassroots entrepreneurship Zhuhai Macao from outstanding enterprises who own festival, also invited international business big coffee to visit the site to share entrepreneurship experience with participants.

    at the press conference the same day, the Pearl River Australian entrepreneurial model character selection activities also started synchronization. By the famous entrepreneurs, the major media, the government and investment institutions formed by the jury of the selected group of entrepreneurs in the Pearl River model, and promote outstanding corporate image, establish industry benchmark and model. The selection of activities for a period of nearly a month, the results will be announced in April 24th start ceremony.




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