Zhengzhou airport yield win Apple mobile phone mobile phone

Apple mobile phone market in the above hot is well-known, Apple phone is not only more expensive, but also the speed of replacement is faster, we do not know how much money spent on it. However, with the continuous improvement of the domestic mobile phone production technology, to provide consumers with a more reasonable price, other domestic mobile phones in the market gradually become popular. Zhengzhou airport first half billion mobile phone production department, "apple" mobile phone production over apple mobile phone for the first time.

8 month 1 days, reporters from the Zhengzhou airport economic comprehensive experimentation area was informed that, in the context of the macroeconomic downturn, many areas of the district Triumphant news keeps pouring in. investment in key projects, investment, development of the intelligent terminal industry and city construction, the first half to produce the wonderful "report card": major projects completed 25 billion 700 million yuan of investment, investment contract the investment project in 33; the region’s mobile phone output of over 100 million, "non Apple mobile phone than apple mobile phone for the first time yield".

this year, the airport experimentation area is planned for 300 major projects, a total investment of 315 billion 600 million yuan, plans to invest 45 billion yuan this year to complete the first half of the year, has invested 25 billion 700 million yuan, exceeding the target plan. 27 plans to start new projects have been started in the 24, especially friends Jia Precision Machinery Industrial Park, green exhibition city, the backbone of a number of key projects such as the construction of a number of successful.

in the first half, the region completed a total of 102 million 240 thousand mobile phone production. The "non apple" mobile phone production reached 52 million 211 thousand, 50 million 30 thousand over the same period the yield of Apple mobile phone, "apple" mobile phone production for the first time over Apple’s mobile phone. As of now, the airport intelligent terminal in the project area has a total of 159, including ZTE, Tianyu, Zhiyuan, China world, Jin Changwei and 22 machine and supporting enterprises put into effect. At present, the airport experimentation area "non Ping" intelligent mobile phone production accounted for from the end of 17% to more than 50%, intelligent terminal industry to further enhance the ability to resist risks.

mobile phone is essential to everyone’s life, in this society if there is no cell phone, can not imagine how people will contact. And if you do not have a cell phone, almost lost contact with family and friends. Zhengzhou airport win Apple mobile phone mobile phone production, we hope that the domestic mobile phone can obtain a bigger development in the future.

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