What are the ways to improve the popularity of rural retail stores

any store operations, if not popular, almost all business development will be blocked. So, if you want to run a hot shop, naturally also need to constantly enhance the popularity of the store. And in the rural cigarette market in the retail customers often complain about the shop is not popular, business is too bad. To this end, after careful observation and comparison of the retail business of the country’s retail customers, summed up the following five attract popularity:

first recruit: put a few sets of tables and chairs. The rural village and along the Road shop, is usually the farmer friend place of entertainment. If the store or shop in front of more spacious, the owner may wish to put a few sets of tables and chairs for people to leisure, in order to gather more popularity.

second strokes: take a sunshade. Not only can sunshade awning in summer, rainy days can rain, can make friends in this stop crossing. Summer in the shed selling watermelon, drinks, natural income can increase.

third: tv. Although now every family has a TV, but many people prefer to get together to watch the TV scene. Especially in the summer night, people generally have a habit out of the shade. If the owner put TV in front of the store, we shade side chat while watching TV, Renqiwang, there will be someone to buy cigarettes, drinks and other goods, the sales income can increase the number of natural.

fourth strokes: set a few newspapers. Many people love reading, especially love reading newspapers and magazines that can provide rich information. If the owner of such a set of several newspapers, not only their own leisure time to see, to increase knowledge, but also for those who come to buy things or leisure to read. This will not only prolong their stay in the store, but also easy to understand the needs of customers from the side of the views and suggestions of the store, is conducive to the long-term development of the store.

fifth strokes: a pump. As the saying goes: "a thousand days at home, go out often difficult." The owner of a pump, the money is not much, but it can bring convenience to people. People feel the attentive service, will leave a deep impression, come back to buy things will increase the odds.

is not a lot of time there is no popularity of the shop, but the owner did not Yo master the right way to operate. In short, master the relevant methods, to enhance the popularity of the store but has a very big help oh. The above method is simple and feasible, the conditions of retail customers may wish to try a friend.