Ren Xiaoqian magic man camera closest to my entrepreneurial intention

now a lot of camera class APP, therefore, only features to attract users. Ren Xiaoqian team developed the first product is not magic diffuse camera, but it is the closest to her entrepreneurial intention of the product: to help people express humor and personality, to create more fun in life. Magic man camera has so far no attempt to make any profit, Ren Xiaoqian’s answer at first glance almost ideal to self willed, as long as it can not charge no fees."

subtraction cut out of the explosion of

the magic diffuse camera launched in 2013. In June, the first launch of the Android version, the September launch of the iPhone version in fourth days on the summit of App  Store free list. Line 6 months, registered users reached 65 million.

such explosive data enable people to praise and understand the magic diffuse camera flying. Image processing software, so why should it suddenly igneous questioned it? Guess, or data or adulteration, is actually spent a lot of money to do the promotion. Some people worry that the fire will not die?

"magic diffuse camera now 65 million users, accounting for half of overseas users, there is no way, I can not affect so many countries, so many languages, so many people." Asked a lot, Ren Xiaoqian explained. The pace of growth is not expected, but for this goal, they actually prepared for 5 years.

5 years, for a long time, she and her partner to support the team. Before making the magic diffuse camera and its hot, investors are very concerned about, not only because it is a new model, Ren even feel that this is also the identity of the founder of her female relationship.

camera magic man not Ren Xiaoqian team made its first product. In 2008, the company’s start-up business is mainly the production of personalized comic gifts, and then sold to large state-owned enterprises and foreign companies. In 2010, Ren Xiaoqian won the opportunity to make a personalized passport to Shanghai, World Expo, but the technology is still more dependent on hand drawn. Huge passenger flow in World Expo highlights the technical bottleneck. "It’s too slow!" forcing them to look for technical breakthroughs as soon as possible.