Qinhuangdao launched a new small loan guarantees can apply for joint guarantee

China is in the period of entrepreneurship, economic transformation and upgrading of industry is transitional, with the intention of entrepreneurs have to start a new career. Qinhuangdao to support entrepreneurial projects, the introduction of small loan guarantees the new deal, a powerful helping entrepreneurs through the financial crisis.

"recently is the purchase money worry about it, now can apply for small loans of the joint guarantee." Qinhuangdao City days ago launched a microfinance loan deal, which stated that on the basis of the original, and expand the scope of the counter guarantor and conditions, to meet the conditions can apply for joint guarantee. This to do business in China stone building materials City Li Bin feel very happy, more than 20 individual dealers with Li Bin at the same time to apply for small loans and China building materials city. It is reported that after the introduction of the new deal, they can borrow a total of 2 million yuan.

data show that 1-10 months of this year, a total of Qinhuangdao City, issuing small loans 33 million 490 thousand yuan, 446 people to support entrepreneurship, promote employment 1636. Small loan guarantee center is expected next year the city’s policy adjustment, small loans amount this year will be more than 3 times, up to 150 million yuan, more than 1800 people to support entrepreneurship, added more than 2000 jobs at the same time, driven by more than 5000 jobs.