China’s economic soil for innovation and entrepreneurship

is now all over the country are actively promoting people’s entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship at the same time, has also started to become a way to solve the employment problem in many parts of society, for many entrepreneurs, to solve some of the problems of people employment by encouraging business or a very good measure.

from decentralization, innovation driven to support Small and micro businesses, to the establishment of the national venture capital fund in emerging industries, the national level to promote the "double" initiative, is improving entrepreneurship and innovation in the soil.

decentralization let innovation "zero threshold"

is the same as in Shanghai, in the past to change of shareholders, pro Yi Bao Network Technology Co. Ltd. takes CEO cases after half a month, and a relaxation of the autonomous operation of enterprises after the implementation of new regulations, "only two shareholder ID card, 5 minutes after finishing the formalities submitted."

and nationwide, 29 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) to carry out to promote the "three in one" registration system reform, the certificate application time from an average of 15 to 20 days reduced to 4 working days, enterprises need pre-approval documents submitted 85% less than before the reform.

for innovative enterprises the most important talent, since the establishment of the current government, has canceled 211 batches occupation qualification certification, increase efforts to regulate the cleanup, destroyed a number of main market venture Societe Generale stumbling block, reduce the burden of employers and talent, stimulate the vitality of entrepreneurial innovation talents.

According to statistics,


in Shanghai Zhangjiang Business Incubation Center, providing enterprise cloud services company TEAMBITION, recently more than a year sales growth of nearly 30 times, customers are in the oil, Sinopec, New Oriental and other famous enterprises.

create the initial key step is said of an aged person, get a sum of 4 million 500 thousand yuan of investment risk. Gobi Yingzhi investment fund official recommended