Disabled workers Liu Xiuqin with 5 years as women’s Entrepreneurship

Liu Xiuqin is not only a rare female entrepreneur, or a disabled person. But she did not yield to the fate, but the effort, by virtue of their established decoration team, with 5 years of time to obtain the "female star" the honorary title.

"Xiu Qin sister, my house has got the keys, you have time to help me take a look at, help me design." "Good fellow, a free afternoon to go", "sister Xiu Qin, my wallpaper to paint? Said the master can wallpaper." "To, you come and see the wallpaper you satisfied?" the morning of December 20th, Liu Xiuqin just to open the shop door soon, come to buy things, talk about business employees she is busy busy in a continuous line, east of the west, even sit down and drink slobber don’t have time to breathe.

1994 years, Liu Xiuqin followed her husband from his hometown in Henan came to the 183 group of eleven. First came to Xinjiang, Liu Xiuqin and her husband began to learn farming, from the initial yield is low, then the output is high, the conditions at home is better every day, Liu Xiuqin also gradually to life is full of hope, because the legs inconvenient, in most of the work falls on the body of her husband, looking at husband work hard every day in the ground plane with a hard-earned money, Liu Xiuqin began to love dearly, she vowed, must rely on their own strength to change this, facing the Loess back up bitterness.

2011, farm to speed up the pace of urbanization, the building of affordable housing in the field such as like bamboo shoots after a spring rain after another, it also let Liu Xiuqin see business opportunities. She took out a ten yuan for more than ten years of farming save money, in the center of farm mortgage a more than and 100 square meters of commercial housing. Liu Xiuqin figured, farm buildings are built up, the staff to buy the building, the next step is to decorate the house, open a shop decoration, this may make her a better life.