Guangdong Entrepreneurial nnovation story contest enterprise special share held in Guangdong buildi

Chinese is a group with the spirit of innovation, with the management of open activity, all over the emergence of a number of outstanding entrepreneurs, from their stories of innovation and entrepreneurship, we can comprehend the entrepreneurial spirit and attitude really need what kind of.

2014 in the summer of Davos forum, Premier Li Keqiang first proposed the "public entrepreneurship, innovation", stressed the need to borrow the reform and innovation of "Dongfeng", in China a "public business", "entrepreneur" of the tide, to form a highly innovative and everyone innovation in the new situation. Through the extensive Entrepreneurial Innovation story contest in the whole society, mining and ordinary people show innovative one vivid story, with the power of example to encourage more aspiring entrepreneurs to join the innovation practice, further promote public entrepreneurship, innovation "concept more deeply, continue to consolidate the mass base implementation of innovation driven development strategy Guangdong province.

at the scene, the staff of Guangdong power grid science "electromagnetic radiation" common sense, with hair dryer, mobile phone testing instrument of "radiation", proved that the substation is not a "radiation carcinogen" great scourges.

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