Fujian traffic layout reform bike also has a dedicated lane

the number of cars is increasing, the road above the car, bicycles, electric cars, sidewalks and other confused, traffic accidents are frequent. In view of the status quo of such a society, Fujian from the reality really, the beginning of the traffic layout reform measures, so that the bike has its own exclusive lanes, bicycles can no longer be derailed.

bicycle lane

Genting road bicycle lanes in Hong Wen BRT demonstration station as a starting point, along Lianqian road BRT West Road intersection to Genting Genting road to turn right along the BRT road to the north, finally BRT County station.

according to the plan, part of the BRT site of the stairs, all can become a pedestrian lanes of the entry and exit points.

under the BRT bridge built two elevated, are one-way one-way two lane.

Xiamen daily news (reporter Yuan Shuqi) a bike lane viaduct, the BRT bridge below the independent right of way, no longer need to pedestrians and motor vehicle "cut", the public can ride smoothly on the bridge. Yesterday, the City Planning Commission, the Municipal Gardens Bureau in the municipal administrative service center of Xiamen held the first full overhead bicycle lanes demonstration road bicycle lanes Planning — Genting demonstration project will solicit opinions.

the CPC Central Committee and State Council "on the further strengthening of city planning and construction management work of a number of opinions" in the proposed "to strengthen the bike lanes and pedestrian system construction", "beautiful Xiamen strategic planning" also proposed that Xiamen will build a "bus + slow leading green traffic system construction, safe, comfortable, high quality bicycle continuous travel system. To this end, the municipal government in recent years to carry out the city’s bicycle system planning and construction, to further guide the public to adopt a healthy, environmentally friendly, green travel.

It is reported that

, in addition to the first outside yesterday, this series of comments will not even open four, the City Planning Commission, Municipal Gardens Bureau staff will go to the streets along the part of the unit, solicit public comment. These comments will be a useful reference to improve the demonstration section of the relevant planning.

where is this special road built?

from BRT Hong Wen station, finally BRT County Station

2013 years, Xiamen continued to promote the construction of a public bicycle system, after a period of accumulation, cycling travel more and more popular by the public. In order to solve the public demand and let the riders ride, ride safe, plan of bike lanes thus initiation.

"through the investigation, Xiamen Yundang recommended