Zheng Ji porridge shop to introduce the process

went back to breakfast at this particular point in time, the food and beverage joined the project will be able to choose the quasi goal of winning the crown. Breakfast is a market you can’t imagine. It should be said that there is no scene in China’s food and beverage industry is very bleak investment projects, the existence of a kind of food is the truth of the industry. So choose to join the brand breakfast, breakfast is a good choice to open a shop. Xiao Bian recommended for you – Zheng Ji porridge shop.

Zheng Ji congee is Ningbo fragrant meal Catering Management Co. Ltd’s following the "celebrity · after the feast" and "Wang Ao Nongjiale" third food and beverage brands. Its heritage porridge point of culture, fine health food for the brand’s core demands, the introduction of modern leisure concept, which is intended to build the domestic first-class health food chain brand.

Zheng Ji congee with all kinds of porridge and steamed stuffed bun primarily, with all kinds of exquisite pasta snacks, spicy stew, fashionable drinks, meet the full range of customer needs at the same time, the traditional diet, Zheng all ingredients are organic products of healthy quality, from material to processing, scientific ratio, Cengcengbaguan to ensure that no products are food Yang Yuan health to top grade, firmly establish the brand core value Yupin "concept of character to cook.

Zheng remember congee and steady step, trying to shape their own brand at the same time, increase the intensity of the development of the franchise system, just a few years, the province has established rapidly in the Ji’nan headquarters, Ji’nan two stores, three stores in Ji’nan, Ji’nan, Changqing, Zibo four stores Shop stores, Linyi stores, two stores in Linyi Liaocheng, a shop, two stores in Liaocheng, Wendeng, Weihai, Zhucheng shop shop shop, shop in Zhangqiu, Tai’an, Yanzhou shop shop, and finally in the fierce competition in the market foothold, becoming the industry leader. So how do you remember how to join the porridge shop


Cheng Kee porridge shop join process description:

1, join appointment

Prior to joining

, are generally required to contact the headquarters, ready to do business, to join Zheng Jizhou shop 7 days in advance with the technical staff.

2, join training

perfect training mechanism, set up shop can also save a lot of trouble, easy and simple, Zheng Ji porridge shop headquarters to provide training and on-site guidance.

3, facade decoration

decoration effect is very important, good decoration, can make people more attention at first glance, Zheng Jizhou Pu training personnel and guidance to help the shop all decoration advertising production and shop.

4, cargo distribution

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