Marketing advice for the old clothing business

to do the old clothing business is the choice of some people, entrepreneurs should be cautious, then do this type of business, should pay attention to what kind of problems? Please look at some of the introduction of the article!


product display features to highlight their clothing, shirt, skirt, trousers, to set separate display, in addition to the store looks neat, but also to the purpose of customers choose to provide convenient, if you only want to buy a skirt, she just picked at the skirt, if you buy a skirt to match to coat, jacket to direct collocation.

and the elderly physical strength is relatively weak, so they try to find the right clothes in a short period of time. The amount of money can be used to model the sample, often out of the kind of clothes is the fastest selling; some middle-aged and old people are also very beautiful, the window in the sample to be replaced frequently, can not be lazy.

serviceThe basic skills of

the analysis above some marketing skills and management of senior clothing store, investment need to be considered, the elderly do dress business, a good grasp of skills is particularly critical, do business should choose the right direction.