How to open a baby souvenir shop

many things affect each other, for example two-child policy after the opening, many industries began to develop very rapidly, with two-child policy open, the newborn baby suddenly increased, the second child boom across the country. Therefore, now the domestic maternal and infant supplies market, baby souvenir market has a broad market demand. If you have enough money to open a baby souvenir shop is good. Here is a baby souvenir store investment analysis, look at it!

baby souvenir shop investment tips

is popular in the market for souvenirs include: Baby lanugo pen, painting, hand foot show lanugo. The baby lanugo painting is delicate and lovely cartoon image and the combination of the zodiac, and then made crafts after fetal hair embroidery. The child’s foot show is ungenerous take impressions into a three-dimensional model for polymer perfusion, with a variety of cartoon graphics and parents blessing, children’s picture prints are legible, highly memorable family. These products according to different materials, the price is also different.

use high-quality, preferential service, in order to create the word of mouth effect, in order to win more customers, only to provide customers with more convenient. For example, a given area can provide free door-to-door service; the total consumption reached a certain level can provide some valuable goods and services; and also the pediatric specialist contact, to provide free care consulting for the target customers…… These can improve the customer’s trust and loyalty to the product.

how to open the baby souvenir shop? In addition, because customers are most concerned about is the fetal hair is mixed into something else, or mixed with others. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly manage the process, number, archiving, archiving allows customers to participate, while promising product reliability.

baby souvenir shop location

These stores generally choose

in large hospitals (especially women and children’s Hospital) side, preferably near a large community, so it is easy to centralized marketing. In order to implement the publicity brochures from one to one marketing mode. For example, the clerk in the baby to see the parents, not to talk about making souvenirs from "haircut" start, close and parents psychological distance; the best time to distribute information to the hospital at 6 p.m. to 7 p.m., when maternal dining and family visiting time, the success rate is high.

feel the existence of such a business opportunity to find ways to seize the above points is that we are very worthy of attention, how to open a baby souvenir shop? Investment shop is not difficult, mainly to identify the market position, to provide good products and good service, this will naturally attract parents. In addition, the site should be fine, do a good job in market research, to find a good shop location.