How to join the cake

now people not a birthday cake, unlike ancient times of our Chinese nation is just a bowl of longevity noodles. By the influence of foreign culture, the cake has become China’s Western daily necessities. Cake is a good food in daily life, the market demand, good prospects. Cake is a well-known brand of cake, a well-known natural join can get people’s trust. The strength of the brand is endless, the headquarters is willing to join the business together to open a new era of wealth.

cake was founded in September 1992, the founder of the incumbent president Luo Hong. After years of efforts, has now developed into a production and operation of cake, bread, pastry, cakes, and other products Glutinous Rice Balls point, mainly distributed in the country has more than and 70 large and medium-sized city thousands of retail stores, Beijing, Tianjin, Shenyang three domestic first-class large-scale modernization of Food Industrial Park, tens of thousands of domestic high-quality staff the baking industry leader.

cake in the industry to absorb and adopt international advanced technology, first-class hardware facilities, production concept, the baked food industry innovation was labor-intensive to capital and technology intensive industries, effectively ensure the health and safety of food production and processing, stimulate and promote technological progress and rapid development of the industry.

since the company was founded, cake for high quality products and services, won the good market performance, was named the national top ten cake shop, through the ISO9001 quality management system certification, "food safety demonstration unit", "Chinese top ten most competitive brand" and many other honors, and won the gold medal match the baking industry for many years.

cake project:

cake will become the brand of choice for people to improve the quality of life and emotion, and continue to lead the development of the industry. No matter where we are, we can enjoy our healthy and delicious food and service at any time, as well as the happy experience.

cake will become a excellent team everyone aspired, every employee to work with enthusiasm, optimism, positive attitude, grow happily in love, respect, trust and caring atmosphere, every employee has the opportunity through their own efforts to become the company’s partners reflect the value, realize the dream, have the envy of all life.

cake will serve all customers the most sincere, the most valuable and most trusted partner, mutual support and common development and achieve win-win situation.

cake procedure:

1, submit the application;