Jewelry store guide how to achieve high yield

now even go to the supermarket also will inevitably meet the shopping guide, not to mention the decoration fashion jewelry store, in fact the success of the shopping guide can seize the hearts of customers, won praise, so the shop shopping guide to how to enhance their own strength?

jewelry shop?

1, jewelry store shopping attitude requirements

2, jewelry store shopping guide basic skills

in addition to a good attitude, jewelry store shopping guide need to master basic skills including many. First of all, the basic knowledge of products (jewelry, jewelry accessories, classification characteristics advantages) to master the language; at the same time, guide and etiquette based (warm smile, appropriate volume, proper eye contact) need to be used properly; there is to be able to skillfully solve consumer about what to wear right, what color of jewelry accessories, what styles of jewelry right ", so that consumers trust products and services.

3, jewelry store shopping guide basic training



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