Do business must have read the judgment.

do not only need to export business also need to ground hands, have a relatively strong observation and judgment, this will help to the development of business. The correct judgment on the actual sales, played a crucial role. Shop sellers, we need to determine the customer’s desire to buy, need to determine the customer’s purchasing power, need to determine customer preferences.

sometimes, they asked for an item, they did not want to buy, but to satisfy my curiosity, for this type of customers, some of our businesses will take a skeptical attitude, indifferent, customer is cold, they would not buy other goods, directly leave. For this type of customer, we can get the goods to see him, to satisfy his curiosity, but remember a little attitude do not hurt the snobbish, prevent customer self-esteem.

correctly determine customer preferences, not only allows customers to buy the right products, but also increase customer trust. However, the recommended goods must meet the needs of customers to purchase and affordability. People would have wanted to buy one hundred yuan of goods, you have to recommend the $two hundred, will allow customers to suspect that you are not looking down on him (her), ironically he (she).

therefore, the concept of color observation in the customer can buy, can let customers really agree with the purchase value, it will be the key. In order to achieve sales, businesses should listen to the customer to talk, to find out the subtext behind the words, and then, for the promotion, it will be appropriate.

is popular a word at the mall, a successful businessman, is not only a sales business, and to be a psychologist. To be a psychologist, perhaps most of our business will think too far away from everyone, but let us learn from the customer’s words which they need, which price of goods, is not difficult.

a truly successful businessman is not simply a simple business, but also need to do more work. So, the success of the business, but also not only should be a good salesman, shopping guide role, match up, to guide the work. Then, in this way, "an antidote against the disease" can not only make the customer satisfied, but also the reality of sales, is a win-win situation.