How to grasp the market

composition in the language curriculum is very important, choose a good composition training, so you can get better training results. Do a good job before the market analysis is very important. Then open a shop to understand the composition of the training market is also very important, Xiao Bian made a detailed introduction.

composition training industry from the franchise store the scale of investment, education and training industry is generally moderate investment scale. How about writing training? General education training shop store basic investment in 300 thousand yuan to 500 thousand yuan, such as the Oriental baby, and global thinking. Red yellow blue, but some local investment of up to 2 million; in addition, some of the characteristics of the curriculum joining system, basic investment in 100 thousand yuan, such as the Oriental star. According to the characteristics of the project as well as the market situation is different, education and training institutions ranging from 50 square meters to 2000 square meters, the size of the operating area, often directly affect the size of the actual investment.

compared with other industries, the core competitiveness of education and training franchise lies in the development of unique courses and teaching materials and the construction of teachers’ team. How about writing training? Survey shows that the success of the education and training franchise enterprises, have formed a unique tutorial and teaching material system, and in the course of the development of teaching materials and teacher training on a huge investment, accounting for 12% of the annual operating income of headquarters to ~ 25%. The investigation shows that the intensity of training for internal staff training education in 2004 chain franchise system increase the number and the current education and training system in the training of straight battalion enterprise in 2004 are higher than that of the franchise system to participate in training.

survey of education and training franchise chain of feedback information shows that education and training chain all enterprises to implement a single brand strategy. How about writing training? This is mainly due to the education and training institutions mostly adopt focus strategy, a market segmentation positioning in the education and training of the development, the introduction of a single brand, the headquarters of the centralized management of resources for integration, focusing on efforts to build the existing brand.

education and training industry enterprises franchise mode of the store franchise and the regional development model, rarely using two franchise mode. How about writing training? Therefore, master franchising is a basic mode of education and training industry franchise, because the store franchise headquarters can grasp the teaching content and improve the quality of education and training of the service mark, the degree of standardization. In addition, the regional development is conducive to enhance the enthusiasm of franchisees in the market while the rational layout. Statistics show that about 50% of the enterprises to adopt the single store franchise expansion mode.

to do the analysis of an industry market, so entrepreneurs will be more handy when operating the project, introduced in detail to make the contents of this paper is the entrepreneurs in the investment composition training industry in the business of the project time to grasp the market analysis, phase.