How to establish a new system of employment and entrepreneurship service in Panzhihua

"public entrepreneurship, innovation" has become a symbol of the era, in the present society, the emergence of multiple local entrepreneurial climax. On the road of entrepreneurship, the relevant local governments actively introduce relevant policies to help the majority of entrepreneurs to achieve success. So, how to establish a new system of employment and entrepreneurship service in Panzhihua?

(1) to promote the city’s multi-functional public space construction. Overall planning and construction of Panzhihua City entrepreneurship service center. Currently, the project has completed the operation of the team than the election work, plans to build and put into operation in the second half.

combined with the creative and local characteristics of the coffee shop to create the college students innovation and entrepreneurship club. Panzhihua University club has invested 6 million 530 thousand yuan to build the Panzhihua college students innovation and entrepreneurship club, a phase and the period of about 3100 square meters has been completed and put into use. Panzhihua University and Sichuan Institute of electrical and mechanical guidance to create a provincial college students innovation and entrepreneurship Park, has accumulated more than 60 incubators.

(2) to promote the construction of public service system of the four level. Focus on strengthening grassroots public service platform business efforts to enrich the grassroots business platform services, so that entrepreneurs in the community (Village) can enjoy the city’s urban and rural integration of entrepreneurial guidance services. To improve the business guidance expert group, the change of policy experts 36 people, the new business class expert of 10 people. The establishment of entrepreneurial project library, improve the collection of entrepreneurial projects, screening, evaluation, update mechanism, the new storage project 12 (total storage project of the 430).

(3) to promote multi-level financing guarantee services. To complete the adjustment and restructuring of Panzhihua microfinance financing Company limited by guarantee, the integration of the small loan guarantee policy. From the settlement of 20 thousand yuan interest free survival entrepreneurial free secured loans to 5 million yuan loans to help enterprises, different financing products for our various types of business entities to provide multi-level financing assistance. The first quarter of this year, the city issued a total of self-employed entrepreneurs secured loans (including small loan) 88 pens, 8 million 330 thousand yuan loan amount, loan discount 690 thousand and 600 yuan.

(4) actively create a good atmosphere for the whole society to encourage entrepreneurship. Actively organize, recommend the city’s outstanding entrepreneurial team and enterprises to participate in the second China Wing innovation youth entrepreneurship competition. 6 projects have been recommended in our city. Eastern Conference successfully held the second Panzhihua Commercial Bank Cup innovation and entrepreneurship competition. Competition for a total of more than 170 items.

Panzhihua University, the army brought the love for the club campus APP development and promotion project won the first prize. Actively preparing for the fourth session of the Panzhihua city youth entrepreneurship and innovation to create wealth contest, with "entrepreneurial innovation · · a youth" as the theme, to further stimulate the entrepreneurial enthusiasm of youth innovation, improve the recommendation