Restaurant franchise location reference

catering is a hot industry, many businesses are still very willing to choose a good opportunity in this industry mining. The location of the restaurant franchise has a great impact on the business, so businesses in order to get a good profit must be prepared in the site selection stage, get a good start.

choose to operate in the vicinity of the station

the main customer base is from passengers, including office workers, students etc.. In this lot is the most suitable for the establishment of fast food restaurants, and carefully deal with the pricing problem, to be divided into different objects and different. Such as the Chengdu snacks, Lihua Fast Food etc..

in the company shops open area

This is

residential open restaurants

must clearly reflect the sense of warmth and kind of food fresh and delicious. Such as the establishment of bulletin boards, hosting friends, games and other fun activities. As the day Roasted Duck cake shop, etc..

section of suburban Restaurant

must have a parking lot in the lot of restaurants, and have eye-catching eye-catching advertising signs. If it is a large restaurant for cheap dinner, provide the characteristic catering will be the site’s business focus. Such as the mansion, tree and other kinds of Chinese style hotel and leisure dining farmyard theme.

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