Your child can afford to learn Fujian kindergarten fees adjustment

nine years of the implementation of compulsory education, from the root of a lot of school-age children get a better education, but faced with the high cost of child care, but also a lot of parents surprised. Since the "measures" to implement the management of Fujian Province kindergarten fees since the fall of 2011, has played an important role in regulating the behavior of kindergarten fees in Fujian Province, but some policies have not meet the current needs of kindergarten fee management. To this end, Fujian revised to improve the approach, since the beginning of the implementation of the fall.

new way to cancel the original price department charges for private kindergarten record for audit, instead of private kindergartens to develop or adjust the conservation education fee standards, to the approval of the Office Park price departments at the same level for the record.

public garden small class fee increase

public kindergarten nursery education fees, accommodation fees administrative fees management.

new approach provides that a small class of public kindergarten and summer and winter classes in the Lingering Garden from the original price, the financial authorities on the basis of the corresponding charges raised 20% to raise the level of 30%. During the winter and summer vacation Lingering Garden during the day of the cost of conservation education fees in the normal education and education fees (monthly fee divided by 22 days) on the basis of floating up to 50% on the rise of 30%.

nursery education fees charged by semester or monthly

kindergarten conservation education fee taken by semester or monthly charge to take charge by semester, each semester is calculated for 4 and a half; take a monthly charge, less than a month (only kindergarten summer vacation and holiday leave in January, the same below) according to the actual number of days to receive. In one school year, the education fee must be paid by month or on a unified basis, and shall not be charged in two ways.

range of food expenses increased fuel costs

in the project, from the original meals, the provisions of the province educational activity in the kindergarten school with the necessary, child care costs and bedding disposable tableware fee charged (only full-time boarding), as for the meals, child care costs and one-time charge bed products, tableware, toiletries the cost (only full-time boarding).

food expenses range from the original can only be used for payment and children’s diet related food costs, expand for payment and children’s diet about the cost of food and fuel costs (excluding staff consumption).

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