2012 suitable for poor entrepreneurial projects which

how the poor success? Now, entrepreneurship is the best way to get rich, by working for others, in addition to barely adequate food and clothing, the other is in vain, for the poor entrepreneurial project is to make the poor to become a bridge for rich people. How do poor people start their own businesses to provide the poor with entrepreneurial programs to all the "poor".



for clothes, cars also dress up! Especially during the Spring Festival, all the owners love to the car to open beauty shop, dress up, hand a new year good luck on the other hand, take on an altogether new aspect, Zouqinfangyou has a good image. The poor how to start a successful business, therefore, the opening of a car beauty shop, not only to catch up with the golden opportunity, but also the future development of good. Data show that: at present, China’s more than 60% of luxury car owners and more than 30% of the low-grade car owners, car beauty maintenance needs, the market capacity of at least 20 billion yuan. Automotive beauty has become a new hot business, huge market demand potential.


is the best choice for everyone!