After 90 college Photography Department stall business monthly income of tens of thousands

clothing after two times after transformation, followed by the current fashion, with low price to attract more consumers, a 90 students is by virtue of this idea by a street vendor to achieve their business plans.

on the high-end product positioning business

in addition to the two one, Lin Kun also plans to set up their own independent brands, high-end custom route. To this end, Lin Kun has organized more than and 10 students in the school of fashion design, combined with the requirements of customers, independent design, and then delivered to the manufacturers of high-end fabric production in Guangdong.

stall start to design gorgeous

Before the

2013 in June, Lin Kun is a stall selling myself two times modified the design of clothing in the university city night market, in June of that year moved into the micro enterprise park beauty shop decoration, wardrobe, she and her partner are completed. The first month, the turnover of more than ten thousand yuan, but the University City University after the summer vacation, business immediately fell into the trough.