nvestment big nine milk tea point what requirements

this small brand of tea, although the business model is not big, but the market demand is really amazing, which is why the tea shop in recent years, such as springing up in the market. Even a small business you can make big brands, it is necessary for you to start at the beginning of the project. So what tea project is better? Xiaobian for you recommend big nine tea.

big nine tea headquarters through professional technology research and development, has a very large appeal in the market, its own R & D, training center, Distinguished Senior Catering consultant, using case teaching, field operation, one on one teaching way, decomposing complex marketing theory to the actual operation and management the details of the. Franchise will also receive a free management class and product production materials, learning from the practical mode of operation, so that those who join the rapid growth of food and beverage operators. All nine big tea equipment to provide franchisees headquarters, all production tools and packaging supplies such as quality problems will change. Let those who join the business, no worries.

investment big nine milk tea point what requirements? There are three main aspects:

big nine milk tea join requirements:

1, need to have sufficient funds and investment entrepreneurial ability.

2, big mouth nine milk tea shop to join venture capital gains and risks have a correct understanding.

3, identity and willing to comply with the big nine milk tea to join the headquarters of the development concept and operating norms.

4, the big nine tea shop to join the responsibility and obligation to understand.

5, operating big nine milk tea shop to join the law-abiding business, and follow the code of ethics.

big nine milk tea join site requirements:

site location in the business district, business circle, industrial zone, college circle, bustling prime locations.

big nine milk tea stores to join the standard requirements:

use area of not less than 6 square meters; the front door store window width of not less than 1.5 meters, after the door store wide operating area of not less than 1.6 meters; indoor net width of not less than 2.85 meters, a special room door size, not standard required by the headquarters approved to join.

if you want to join the big nine milk tea and meet the above investment requirements, please join it!