Those who have been successful in the entrepreneurial market 8090

80 and 90 are facing a severe employment situation, many young people still struggle in the job on the road, and some 8090’s began to open up a career path in his out of the ordinary business market, launched a wave of entrepreneurship.

80, Xie Wen, Xi’an Electronic and Science University graduates, founder of hackerspaces mashed garlic, "each of the intelligent science students, all have a robot dream." As they say, the first thing they did was to make a dream for everyone. When graduating, because common interests together, sprouted the idea of entrepreneurship, although early entrepreneurial difficulties, but they found a development path suited to their own company, get 15 million yuan industrial investment.

for entrepreneurship, Zhang Xu said most of the words: "I don’t want to see my life from the day I graduated from the end point." .

80, Luo Hui, Xi’an Lantian fine arts college entrance examination training base for, graduated from the Xi’an Polytechnic University. Luo Hui like painting, after graduating from college and a number of teaching experience with friends took over the art studio. Through four years of unremitting efforts, the small art studio has grown, is composed of the fine arts training department, art department, children’s art department and the foundation of Chinese Painting Department of the four departments. Shaanxi province fine arts undergraduate line rate of 100% last year, now in the circle of recommendation