Big investment department recruit big business Guilin merchants

now the investment has become an indispensable content, development of a region at the same time, in an era of business is so prosperous, there are a lot of people in city have embarked on the road of investment, recently, in the Guilin to carry out a series of investment.

in joint investment work in various departments to form "a service concept, a service team, a set of service means, a set of policies to support the" four service system. Big investment department to build a website and WeChat public number, jointly released foreign investment information. As in the Hutang economic Park headquarters office building investment work, commissioned by the service company issued notice in the factory for more than 20 websites. There has been more than 15 thousand people have been hits, business consulting and admission matters submitted the application materials.

the Guilin city in such a way of investment is welcomed by the people, at the same time, such a comparison organized investment approach in the future will also attract more investors to invest, will be very helpful for the local development.


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