Full automatic vending machine is to enter the white-collar workers

transformation of traditional catering industry is an imperative trend, various well-known brands catering style all their own, some in-depth research on the Internet, some special brand of war. As the frozen food in the three leading brand is narrowing the marketing object, to enter the white-collar workers.

white-collar catering market potential, launched a fresh Sanquan food vending in the field of machine digging, although at the early stage of propaganda into a larger, but still have a positive and optimistic attitude towards the future development.

it is understood that this three careful layout, not only set by covering the major metropolitan area’s "central kitchen" capacity, and hungry, the United States Mission takeaway platform business cooperation, the 2016 also launched the three generation prototype in March, part of the point of trial operation.

days ago, Sanquan food express results released in 2015, 15 years the company achieved operating income of 4 billion 232 million yuan, representing a slight increase of 3.37%; net profit attributable to the listed company 35 million 241 thousand and 400 yuan, year-on-year decline of 56.42%. Among them, the fourth quarter revenue was flat with the same period last year, profit loss, the possible reasons: 1, affected by the macroeconomic, terminal demand is weak. 2, three fresh test project in the cultivation period, the investment is large, the fourth quarter loss was mainly from fresh business. 3, the company’s children’s series, frozen pizza series, quick-frozen steak series and other new products have been put on the market, the company in the early research and development, marketing, brand promotion, etc.. Among them, the family situation is better, from October last year, the introduction of the Spring Festival period of about 100 million, is also the focus of the promotion of new products in 2016.

set up to increase the coverage of major metropolitan areas, central kitchen capacity

1 25, the company 688 million yuan fund-raising set by the program is approved, will be used for the new Southern China Foshan 117 thousand and 600 tons and 60 thousand tons of frozen food in Chengdu capacity, plus Wuqing, Taicang, Jiangsu in Tianjin Henan Zhengzhou and other places of production capacity, eventually covering major domestic and radiation of Metropolitan Central kitchen supplies pattern. Company to "three fresh" building / floor box machine as the main channel, catering to O2O to solve the pain point needs a large number of white-collar lunch in the metropolitan area; in addition, fresh food will also hamper business with more business cooperation platform to test the water.

machines to maintain the number of nearly one thousand units, with the development of the takeaway platform faster

(1) the number of machines currently close to one thousand machines, about Beijing, Shanghai, about 600 units, because the company is preparing for the three generation machine, in recent months did not lay the machine, and some poor operating point adjustment. (2) fresh in the hungry, the United States Mission takeaway platform business development, online platform income accounted for about.