Determine the real business opportunities need to solve the seven big step

determines the real business opportunities through a large number of case studies to determine how the opportunity to choose the business, and the conclusion is a set of business opportunities for the analysis method, called "the seven big step". It is a very important for startups and mature companies thinking and working methods.

here is to make clear what is the market? One is which side of the value chain in the market? To determine their marketing channel in which to compare who compete with you, where is your opportunity.

third step: find the market demand point

after the analysis of the market a variety of factors, it is easy to find out where the needs of the market, it is necessary to market analysis, to classify the customer market, understand the growth trend of each kind of customer. If China’s housing consumption market is growing rapidly, but some housing consumer market is growing very slowly. This will quickly increase to a level of housing market, which the price of the housing market growth is slow to make analysis, of which class of people are buying this one price, the factors driving it to where? In demand analysis made it clear, to understand the key factors of customer purchase, namely customer buy this thing, what are the first three things, five things are most concerned about the head of

fourth steps: market supply analysis of