How do you feel about starting a company

a lot of entrepreneurial business at the initial stage, want to get better in a shorter time achievement, while hiring staff often enough, so overtime has become homely food. And the recent business should not be hard, do not work properly, and so on, but also to start a heated debate in two areas, then the start-up companies to work overtime, how would you see?

1. about chance

first, we as an investor, I think I must ask the entrepreneurial team the biggest shareholders, is the leader of. Show me a hard attitude, of course, you do not work hard, the results came out, I do not care. However, there is no performance, you took our money, the sea to eat the sea to drink, play around, do not work hard, do not work overtime, I am sorry, as investors, I will put you as a blacklist. Impossible to give a second chance. This is a must. If you work hard enough, you can’t do it well, I’d like to give you a second chance.

2. about strength


second, to perform 996 entrepreneurial team leader and other high strength company system, I personally feel that this is not a rule can solve the problem, any employee, have the right to choose their own, want to join this company, also want to understand you, day and night to work overtime what? In order to learn something, or in order to gain.

this concept is completely different, so you can learn more things, day and night overtime is for myself, not for others. We have today, we must be in the younger than countless peers more efforts and diligence, so I encourage young people for their work, if you feel that learning something to work overtime, only to return, so my advice to you is to go where wages are high.

do not listen to the root of entrepreneurs fudge, the company is not your, the development of the good, and you have nothing to do with. Take how much money, how much work on the line, there is no need to work overtime.

3. bidirectional selection

here is extended in third aspects, as employees, between you and the company is a two-way choice, you can choose the company, can not join the provisions of this company, the same company can also choose not to work overtime, you do not want to hard, can not you.

so, you want to understand the choice before, you have no choice, have a choice, hurry to leave, I have no choice to hold the world, it is very simple, you can human Joseph, you can also have the dream, the dream of flying, provided you have some choice.

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