Some of the cutting-edge smart products have to surprise you

intelligent products are not unfamiliar, it is penetrated into all walks of life in the manufacture of products, to bring subtle changes in people’s lives. You feel some smart products have to be startled at the tip of the magical function, the market is difficult to see, see will be attracted.

flexible folding mobile phone


this pedal with GPS module and GPRS module, can realize the tracking of vehicles, and the bicycle position is sent to the mobile phone App. Moreover, it does not need the power supply, the user’s movement can be converted into its own power required. This pedal applies to any brand of bicycles.

to pedal lock not as easily as the thief pulled down, each pedal also supporting one adapter and a special key, to ensure that only the owner can remove it. In addition, in addition to tracking function, it can also like sports bracelet, record the rider’s motion data.

integrated heart rate with functional sports bra

the secret of the famous brand of Vitoria launched a new integrated belt function Incredible sports bra, it and the traditional sports bra biggest difference is below a heart rate zone "". Unfortunately, there is only a heart rate detection contact on the tape, and no heart rate detection module. Therefore, if you want to use the heart rate detection function, you need to buy an extra heart rate detection module hanging on the front of the bra two fixed buttons.

Athos smart sportswear

Athos sports tights may be the most perfect form of smart clothing. It uses the EMG technology in the medical field, the sensor embedded in the clothing fabric, so as to help users get more targeted fitness effect.

The concept of

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