Xiamen original singer contest together sing Xiamen good song

in life there are many people love to sing, and a lot of people in the field of singing is very strong and talented, so many singing competitions in life began to come out. Yesterday, the first Xiamen Music – "China World Trade Center Cup" top ten singer audition entry channels officially opened. As the city’s first pushing Xiamen original singer contest, this activity looks more Xiamen good voice, sing good songs in Xiamen. Activities organized by the CPC Xiamen Municipal Committee Propaganda Department, organized by the Organizing Committee of the music Xiamen, Haixi morning news agency, Xiamen music radio, Xiamen Pop Music Association contractors.

invites you to interpret Xiamen excellent original songs

organized the event, in order to better promote Xiamen’s outstanding original music, cultivate more sagishima music talent, with music publicity Xiamen, music lovers contest for the city’s 18 to 45 years old, is divided into preliminaries, semi-finals and finals in three stages, final champion, runner up and second runner up a prize the reward of up to 30000 yuan.

it is worth mentioning that the competition to encourage the singer to sing by the music Xiamen organizing committee selected outstanding Xiamen original songs, songs can be found on the official website of the official Xiamen music and music on the website of WeChat. The semi-finals and finals to sing these songs, for although not strictly required, but will give the player selected to sing the songs points.

to create a high standard of local music feast

the contest is a high-profile music feast, the finals will be held in the 2016 annual Xiamen music awards. The 10 finalists, will also receive about a week, Taiwan, shape, table and other professional training content, and in the final scene enjoy "tailored" music show, by the high level of live music, harmony.

Xiamen original singer contest, Xiamen to sing good songs, through the activities will be the selection of excellent singing more choice. The music of Xiamen municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department is focused on creating cultural brand is an important carrier to construct propaganda pattern, service of the city center, is a powerful starting point to enhance the cultural quality of the city, expand the influence of the city. Since January last year, the official launch of the music through the city of Xiamen, the original national song contest and other activities, has collected a selection of hundreds of outstanding original songs in Xiamen, the impact of expanding.


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