Nanjing successfully sold 32 plots in the first half of 2016

in the process of economic development, the more developed a city’s economy, prices are relatively high. Nanjing housing prices in the past period of time, has been in constant growth. This time, in the first half of 2016, Nanjing successfully sold 32 plots of land on these plots is what kind of? Below we understand.

at the end of last year, the Nanjing property buyers are still the main city has not less than 10000 yuan of real estate, as well as the birth of 23 yuan in the year to marvel. However, half the time, 32 pieces of land in the first half of this year Nanjing’s successful transfer, in addition to Liuhe, Yuan homestead in the main city has not found.

data show that in 2015 the year Nanjing successfully sold 51 homestead, which was 23 yuan homestead, the remaining more than and 20 homestead floor price but million yuan.

in the first half of 2016, Nanjing successfully sell 32 plots in Liuhe, in addition to the two pure Homestead Land Price in 2000 yuan / square meters, other successful transfer of pure homestead floor price over million yuan, including 8 plots, floor price more than 20 thousand yuan / square meters.

concern is that since this year, Banqiao, kylin, Fangshan, once the prices of "depression", the floor price of more than 10000 yuan. Bridge in the first half of this year successfully sold two plots, one for the construction of Qixia (600533, shares) commercial mixed land won the total floor price 8880 yuan / square meter. Another pure homestead Sichuan Blue won, the floor price reached 10689 yuan / square meter. Last year the Banqiao transferring of pure homestead, price is only 4000-7000 yuan / square meter.

in addition, this year’s premium more staggering kylin. In January this year, two plots sold two pieces of Land Bureau Qinglong Town subway, the subway is just the original positioning plate Town, and land was eventually to the South and Hengda super 12000 yuan / square meters of floor price won, two projects are currently listed at price reached 25000 yuan / square meters. In addition the kylin Branch Chong Park two homestead, respectively is 19195 yuan / square meter, 22353 yuan / square meters to the South and scored high land prices jingaogang.

"land prices have a conductive role in housing prices. Only from the current price point of view, next to the overall price trend will keep up after Nanjing." Deputy general manager with the Nanjing company Yang Rui analysis said, in general, the cost of land developers of the project will be accounted for 30% – 50%, but in recent years, the land price cost of developers accounted for 60% of the basic project.

in insurance cost, the future of these new real estate price is certainly not low, will also drive around some of the old project price uplift. But do not rule out the market, if the next recommendation