Rescue of 75 year old man trapped in Xinjiang

the arrival of the snowstorm in Xinjiang pastoral areas brought about by the trouble of the snow, not only affects everyone’s travel, but also for the safety of life and property caused by a threat. Fuyun County, Aletai area suffered heavy snow hit, many herders and livestock trapped.

began in November 10th, some parts of Xinjiang suffered heavy snowfall weather. Among them, Fuyun County, Aletai area some mountain snow over a meter, yesterday (18) night Fuyun County Public Security Bureau received a call for help, there are 10 herdsmen and more than and 500 livestock in transit way by the storm siege, the local is actively search and rescue. At present, the latest news CCTV news is: the early start of the search and rescue of the police have found the trapped herdsmen, to determine the location of large snow cleaning equipment is being rushed to the area where the herdsmen trapped.

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with the rescue forces to the scene of the CCTV reporter, at present, there has been a 75 year old herdsman was rescued, the better; most of the rescue forces from the herdsmen trapped place has been less than 1 kilometers, the rescue team is still struggling to clear the snow removal, and strive in the local herdsmen trapped rescued all before dark.

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snow scene, but for people’s lives and work will cause a lot of adverse effects, so both the public and the relevant departments should actively take measures to minimize the impact.

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