The shop to do security work need to pay attention to what fangpian

encountered a liar or a thief, you can a few days and months of efforts were in vain, therefore, for any one owner, do the security fraud prevention work are very important. However, want to do a good job, in fact, can start with some of the notes. So, do the shop theft and deception work needs to pay attention to what?

security should pay attention to the following aspects:

1. early maintenance, strengthening doors and windows. Locks, latches, carefully check the repair the repair, for the change, do not lose the greater, in case of an accident, too late to regret.

2. closing early, the store to live. In winter, the temperature is low at night, the weather is cold, most people also go to bed early, so there is little business in the evening, as early as the door closed, they can take a good rest. If you do not stay in the long winter night, there was no one in the shop did not really do not trust, in order to avoid thieves misses, the best arrangements in the store duty.

3. condition permitting, installation monitoring. On the one hand, on the one hand, on the one hand, there is a deterrent to thieves, on the other hand, once the situation can provide evidence to the police to help solve the case as soon as possible.

4. in the eye-catching position, put up the alarm call, police officers responsible for district security photos. The family is the most powerful deterrent to potential crime.

prevention should pay attention to the following aspects:

1. keep calm, rational judgment. A liar will generally set up a scam, such as pretending to be a lot of goods, pretending to be very urgent, commitment to high prices and so on, if the other is a stranger, we need to think more seriously, a normal person would do this? May I not be greedy for petty gain? As long as their rational enough, will not be fooled.

2. pay attention to inspection, the formation of practice. For example, money, in the heart always have a belief, that is, whether it is the first time the money into the routine inspection procedures, especially 50 yuan and $100. No matter how busy, no matter how much the amount of a hand check it does not give crooks succeed the opportunity in the course of time, people with counterfeit money, you will not come here.

3. observe, compare. Real customers, hand and eye in target commodity above, and a liar hand eye is inconsistent, when talking to you, his eyes look around; hands ready to deal when he will literally attract your attention. Compared with normal customers, if you have inexplicable, bad premonition, most of them have problems, we must remind ourselves in the bottom of my heart to improve vigilance.

4. network newspapers, next door neighbours more exchanges and more learning. Often have the same.