Yangzhou Guojianglong to address details and join Hot pot

has been a hot head Hot pot to join the catering market, investors always have this or that problem is not clear in the selection of their favorite Hot pot brand, take Yangzhou Guojianglong Hot pot is the brand, many ready to join investors will often ask: Yangzhou Guojianglong Hot pot address where? Have you ever joined the people, how to feel after joining? The following questions will be answered.

Yangzhou Guojianglong Hot pot address where?

Yangzhou Guojianglong

address is Hot pot hotel in Yangzhou Xingcheng Changxin Road No. 88 on the third floor of the building, this is a very good Hot pot shop, whether products or services in the local market are the best


Yangzhou Guojianglong Hot pot?

Chongqing Guojianglong Catering Management Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Guojianglong") is the first food and beverage brands. Founded in 2003, the registered capital of 3 million yuan, is a professional engaged in franchising project innovation, development, market planning, operation and promotion of professional knowledge-based enterprises. Mainly focus on the provision of differentiated hot pot chain operations, product technology and quality services to enhance customer satisfaction as the center. Guojianglong to introduce a large number of professional catering operations, technology, construction, planning and other aspects, also received strong support and help the relevant industry association. Company headquarters has more than 300 people, including college or more than 100 people.

the company operating the well-known catering brand — "Chongqing Guojianglong Hot pot", has become known to every family’s star restaurant, Lee Hom, Richard, Clayderman, Ono Lisa, · Jeff Chang, Mavis Fan, Christine Fan, Chyi Chin, Sa Dingding, the Manhattan Symphony Orchestra and many other well-known stars have been attracted to. Franchise stores all over the country, there are more than 100, the annual output value exceeded 100 million yuan, has been among the ranks of Chongqing hot pot leader, has become a valuable franchise brand in china.

management is "stable" with strong management team of professional technology, continuing to provide management support and related services for the franchisee, from the store site selection, planning, have mature pattern of recruitment, training, logistics, business planning, product development, Follow-Up Services guidance, make the project more robust investment.

market positioning quasi consumer positioning of different regional markets, and consumer groups to join to discuss building store operating plan, store marketing and operation mode, so that stores more scientific and efficient operation, to achieve accurate positioning, precise management.

service system "health" company to provide a comprehensive scientific site selection, site design renovation plan, from the professional construction guidance, financial system, salary >