What is the name of the club method

now people’s lifestyle changes, night life is more and more abundant, so the club began to hot up. Because of this, the club is now more and more. But, I want to open a business popular nightclub, nature also need to have a proper name. Many investors in the club name to not understand, in fact, as long as the master to the related method, the name can also be very simple. So, what are the methods of club name?

1, the name of a legitimate

nightclub attack

the public love the ominous terms used in the title of the nightclub called, to cater for customers to seek happiness and psychological, in order to attract business.

2, the name brand


brand names, generally refers to the company invented a brand-name products, then my brand name as the name of a company, such as the former Shanghai pen factory, Shanghai emerald Phoenix Bicycle Companies are based on their own brand products "green gold", "phoenix" to take the name of the enterprise.

3, the name of Kyrgyzstan

language club

"Xing", "long" and "source", "Mao", "hair" and other words in the old shop signs often appear, this is the old business people love luck, elegant mouth color, such as the time-honored Yueshengzhai founded in 1775, the name "Yueshengzhai", there are "Yue Yuechang Sheng" meaning; people set up the first beer factory of Beijing Shuanghesheng brewery in Shandong Zhang and Hao Ge rise mainly fund-raising run, named "plan", "financial resources, both sides jointly have luxuriant" meaning.

4, the name of the word

, nightclub

this is the name of the shop is a unique Chinese commercial naming. Because China under the influence of Confucianism, there is a weak suppression of traditional ideas, so some businessmen to commercial places also named as the literati’s study, such as "vegetarian", "Ge", "Xuan", "home", "garden" etc..

5, the name of mark


is the main kind of nomenclature as a symbol, to highlight the salient features nightclub called, now in the world has developed into CIS (Corporate Identity System) part of the famous black monkey hat shop is a wooden door made of black monkey, to indicate its historical tradition, as distinguished from another hattery.

6, the name of the popular syntax


colloquial more colloquial, the use of the name of the company’s corporate name, the title can be the majority of the public. The famous Wang Mazi, Goubuli etc. are colloquial name. Delicious >