How to make a creative business

no matter what kind of industry, there is no creativity is more creative, but the idea is not to say that there will be some, it must have some skills. The following small series will teach you several ways to do creative business, hoping to help your career!

1, borrow ideas from others.

1950, the U.S. fast food industry added a car into the channel, in stores shortly after the bank, the cleaners are also asking. Today, people from all walks of life use the concept of "car access". So, you can also try to list three brands that are different from your own, explore the way they solve the problem, and then find out what you can "borrow" ideas.

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2, to master.

What are the masters of innovation make you feel admiration for Edison, or Einstein     Picasso, Gauguin or list these you appreciate the master, and then explore their life, to see if there is a place where we can learn from.

3, enjoy the movie "imitation".

4, reference to the practice of other industries.

like foil so ordinary things, what are the innovative packaging design can do   Publix supermarket designer Mark   by Nair; he and his friends went to a Japanese Steakhouse dining experience, injecting new life into the ordinary products. The next time you’re inspired to cry, think about what restaurants you’ve been to recently, and what services you’re impressed with.

5, careful observation, ready to take notes.

6, looking for inspiration from the past.

7, from the trash to find inspiration.

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