How good a Malatang stores

spicy as a special snack, delicious, convenient and fast because by numerous diners alike, there are more and more high position in the industry in the catering market. Because of this, will attract more investors to open a franchise malatang. So, how good a spicy stores? After all, although many investors shop, but want to open a good shop is not easy.

1, clear positioning

general Malatang consumers are low-income persons, the most common city for students and migrant workers. 35 yuan of consumption for migrant workers and students are able to accept. The positioning accuracy of Malatang stores after business development plays a decisive role!

2, store selection

After the

positioning, will open heart when entrepreneurs Malatang franchise store in the choice of playing a small abacus, the store opened more appropriate in what position. At the school gate or women often haunt? For example, near the supermarket, lively neighborhood, commercial blocks…… The more people, the better.

3, reasonable decoration

Malatang franchise business is Malatang, most Malatang joined the store consumption are low income, too luxurious decoration will be a lot of customers directly in the door. Open Malatang stores want to succeed must have a feeling of coming home to the store customers! In addition, store decoration do not follow the crowd, to make their own personality and characteristics, it is easier to be remembered, especially its name, not a mouthful, vulgar but have new ideas, can make people gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory!

4, clean environment

environment should be Malatang stores must pay attention to and clutching a problem. Especially in the big city opened Malatang stores should pay more attention to the store, business premises must be special arrangements for staff to immediately do a thorough cleaning, clean go off. Especially in the summer should pay more attention to the prevention and control of mosquito, don’t get dirty people into the Malatang stores is off to the store environment, small kitchen environment, as well as the staff of the dress, operators have to find ways to manage.

, of course, want to open a shop to work more, for any one operator, only the various aspects of the work to do, to be able to make such shops have better operation and development. So, if you open a Malatang franchise, you know how to operate it?