Chongqing pork prices are lower than ever before

pork is a lot of people on top of the table, for its price is also the focus of attention, in the light of the price of pork in Chongqing area, we have a detailed understanding of the following. Chongqing Municipal Price Bureau said today that the overall price level is expected to be 2017 or less than in 2016, but should also pay attention to the extreme weather and the impact of the epidemic on the pork price uncertainty. Since the second half of 2016, hog production gradually better, 11 months before 2016, the amount of live pigs 6 months growth, hog production is steadily recovering.

Chongqing pork prices? Not only did not rise, but also showed a downward trend, so many people love to eat pork, you can enjoy the delicious! At present, the overall weak demand for pork consumption growth. Affected by the diversification of consumption structure, the demand for pork prices rose sharply underpowered. Secondly, the cost of raising pigs will have some support. In 2016 the price of piglets was 30.40 yuan / kg, compared to 2015 rose 10.90 yuan, up 55.86%, and the price rose in 2006 and hit a new high since 2011, farmers farming cost increases to a certain extent to support the market price of pork.

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