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shop to make money the old idea book, the new darling of the market

you a big piece of mud land, the distribution of 30-40 stall, the 1-3 1000 books for trading, which are rare some of the oldest, people often speak of a professor to spend 1000 yuan to buy the youth between "shuijingzhu" version, I asked a young man. "One day you can earn much money, 200 yuan?" the boy smiled, it looked to the between 400-500 yuan, because every day he can sell 200-300 book. If the average one count, 30 stall, open 2 days a week, the Panjiayuan market a year sales of not less than 600 thousand volumes of books.

Book attract butterflies. Mr. left "a penny reading club" in a lonely mountain city open Yi Xi Lin Jie, the store has more than and 60 square meters, every visit their holidays now has much worse, in a continuous line, a member of the more than 3 thousand people. A member of a year just pay 33 yuan, can borrow books in reading books; and do a ABC membership card, pay 56 yuan a year, also allows family members to share. Fit into society, only need to pay 1 yuan tea water, can day stay in the reading club.

"a penny reading club" meet the people desire to spend the least money to read the best book ", has been widely welcomed. At present, his reading club from the city has spread into the countryside, set up six branch in the town, Wuyi Star Village, Mei Hing, etc., in Wuyishan City, the first in the school gate even opened three small branch, the total collection reached 30 thousand copies. "Friends, to the text," won social praise eyes. Zuo Guodong’s reading club and thus won the Fujian municipal government awarded the "cultural home" in Nanping.