By category strategy to shape their own food and beverage brands

shopping malls such as the battlefield, between the various brands of market competition as the Warring States hegemony, bloody mall. How to quickly shape their own brand? How to have their own core competitiveness? My view is to break the inherent thinking and norms, to create a new category, to create a category to become the first.

to create a strong brand is clearly not only based on the brand itself, only by thinking category in order to create a strong brand, brand marketing is only visible in one aspect of it, each under the strong brand has a potential category in support of a strong brand and is itself a powerful category.

rely on category strategy to shape their own brand of food and beverage

first, become the first category in mind

We all know that

"wangshunge" because it is a pioneer of "Bread Soaked in Fish Head Soup" of this category, we all know that the "sea" because it is the Hot pot category leader, we all know that the first man on the moon "Armstrong" but rarely on the second, the third man on the moon.

and Wang Laoji, intelligent mobile phone and so on apple tea is a common characteristic of them is a pioneer of a category, and the dominant category, become synonymous with the new category.

summary: when your brand is the first brand new category, has formed the profound barrier rivals to the moat.

two, focus category evolution

is the first consumer oriented

Category innovation based on

consumption is a kind of innovation based on consumer demand. Chinese fast food leader "true Kung Fu" nutrition or "steamed" is good because consumers in the meal with "nutrition and health" needs.

followed by competitive

competition led to the birth of a new category of innovation and evolution, the evolution of the category is forced by the competition, or innovative category or get rid of the price war, by means of differentiation competitors. Such as goose intestines, Hot pot Hot pot category in the Hot pot, beef tripe Hot pot etc..

is finally technology oriented

consumer orientation, competition orientation spawned out of the category of innovation requires a lot of time to be realized in technology, if the enterprise technology to support product innovation, then category innovation is not landing, can only become a concept.

three, category innovation path