How to grasp the large retailers in the Spring Festival to raise cigarette sales

Spring Festival is not only a traditional festival in China, but also because people have free time in this period of time, so a variety of festive activities like to carry out in this period of time. In short, before and after the Spring Festival is a year of cigarette sales season, time is on the move, marriage and various folk activities and more intensive, the wedding with smoke are many, is a big cigarette sales "". So, how to grasp these retail households "big" to improve the profits of cigarettes?

first recruit: cloth eyeliner. His friends and family, about whether to move to the last stage, wedding and other consumers, take the initiative to contact, to create sales opportunities for you.

second strokes: a dragon. Get married, move not only happy cigarette demand, we still need a lot of wine, candy, consumers often need to run a lot of stores in order to gather the necessary goods. Retailers can provide "one-stop" services, while providing a variety of wine, candy and other wedding goods required, not only can provide convenience to consumers, but also can increase the non tobacco product sales profit.

The third measure:

provide special services. In addition to the cloth eyeliner and provide one-stop service, retail users can also provide special services to attract consumers. In some areas, often through the provision of "arch" and "balloon" and other special services, festive. Retail households can also provide free arches, balloons and other services to help consumers create an atmosphere, so as to attract the favor of consumers.

before and after the Spring Festival, these large number is very large, if the owner can grasp the business development of the store will undoubtedly have a very big help. So, there are more than the small set of these methods, the owners know how to grasp these "big", thereby enhancing the cigarette sales?