Analysis of the opening time of men’s franchise stores

since it is necessary to open men’s franchise, then join the business will certainly consider opening time. Do not look down on this issue, in fact, very particular about. Many franchisees are very concerned about the issue of course, it is worth discussing, in the end what is the best time to open it? Xiao Bian finishing some small suggestions, hoping to help you.

select time. The opening time of choice is very important, as far as possible to trap the most consumers caused a sensation effect, usually on a Friday and Saturday opening is the best, because these two days a week is one of the most two days shopping, but also when the maximum flow of people, consumers have a herd mentality, love lively, love many people. Some shopkeepers said, no matter how much performance today, watching the people more comfortable.

create atmosphere. The opening must have opened the atmosphere, to let consumers know that you are in the newly opened, you can engage in the basket, at least eight, not too little, not the atmosphere; of course if conditions permit, can also have the arch, create atmosphere can be added into the store opening rate.

In addition

music is also very important, but also must have the dynamic music, no music store is terrible, opened when you try to stop the music, people speak loud suddenly come out, you will suddenly appear music covered the people at a loss, noise, at the same time also increase the sense of security of consumers, quietly stores make consumers lack a sense of security, is not conducive to relax shopping.

do promotion. Join the brand men’s promotion of general Bai Jinka for the opening, the card’s exquisite shops, attracting people’s love, such as printing on the back, the opening of new stores, consumers into stores, consumers figure is fresh, and we are to give consumers a shopping experience, when consumers have a shop in the shop in the experience, next time, there is more feeling, next to feel relaxed, which is why we love to go to the barber shop barber familiar and not every time to change a place.

men’s store opening time in fact there are tricks, if you grasp every link, will naturally find the right time to shop. This important link is very important, but also need to prepare for the opening of a number of issues are more, if you seriously study the above skills, I believe you will have a good start, learn quickly.

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