A hammer sale will only let the shop closed down

different owners, do business will take different methods and means, and these will also have an impact on the long-term development of the store. Before my shop opened, we had a medium-sized supermarket in this street. The shop owner is a middle-aged man, before selling fruit, earned the first pot of gold after the opening of the supermarket. Have to do business for so many years, should be smooth, but the boss made some customers to accept, or even feel disgusted, so slowly deserted business.

is the first to allow customers to accept, is the price of this supermarket commodity only rise not fall. Some of the purchase price of goods often change, such as egg, vegetables and so on, all without rebuke, gone! Supermarkets can not lose money to sell. But a lot of farmers wholesale market prices are not up yet, he first raised the price. In addition, his shop is close to 104 National Road, from the passers-by stopped to buy goods, he was privately price, earn some money.

In addition to the price of

, the supermarket into the goods are not flattering. Especially fast to the Chinese new year, in the milk are miscellaneous brands, "Mengniu" not "Mengniu", called "Mongolia milk"; "Yili" do not call "Yili", called "yili"…… Most of these products is to buy back the relatives gifts, people buy the negligence, but the recipient is bad, eat a bad stomach a few. In the smoke, the supermarket is illegal, in order to make more money, sell for more is to acquire a lower price to the non fake cigarettes, and then flow to the hands of customers. Many customers are no longer on his shop door.

that has "rip off", there will be guests to patronize this store? So, if the shop to do business, always by playing a little smarter money is pleased with oneself, so that the interests of dazzled, such people are very sad. The victory over Germany, virtue is a supermarket, an enterprise will never stand in the mind of the customer, in this world only. Eyes staring at the eyes, it is a hammer sale, the customer last time when you can, will come to be cheated? To the credibility of the loss of time, it is difficult to restore.