Express brother Wang Zhe exclusive happy decompression method

now, people’s pace of life faster and faster, courier as a new way of mailing, the advantages of prominent, fully meet the different needs of the people, by the blitz. Therefore, the courier is always very busy, can not relax. The following small series to introduce you to a courier brother, he has his own proprietary decompression methods, hoping to help entrepreneurs friends.

"today bitter than courier brother, smiling face cold. Strive for permanent struggle, life again." "The cause is not standing alone, oblique figure. Love to build hard to make money, to let parents early leisure." These inspirational doggerel, I do not know whether the public deja vu? It is written in a shuttle in the blue express delivery trucks on the high streets and back lanes. And this ordinary express delivery car is also because of these inspirational motto, the eyes of passers-by become a beautiful landscape.

"a day for nearly 12 hours, no rest days, work space, I would love to write poetry." Wang Zhe shy smile, he said poetry and singing, is his hobby, but also a good way to relieve the work pressure and relax, singing will influence others, they feel themselves in another world, enjoying the pleasure of the text. Bahrain in their area of the parcel, after sending money or see something like, Wang Zhe will take out a pen, write down, sometimes written on paper, sometimes without paper, had to write in their own delivery car.