Xiamen branch will be based on the end of Xiamen to achieve full coverage outlets

the development of Xiamen’s economy, its financial sector is also the development of banks. At present, the Xiamen branch of the unit deposits in Xiamen has been ranked third, this achievement is very significant. In the future, Xiamen branch will be based in Xiamen, the end of the network to achieve full coverage.

days ago, reporters from the Xiamen International Bank Limited by Share Ltd Xiamen branch inauguration ceremony learned that the bank in Xiamen outside the island has set up 10 full service outlets, beautiful Xiamen, has become an important part of Xiamen’s financial industry cluster. At the same time, is expected by the end of this year, Xiamen International Bank also hopes to achieve full coverage of the city of Fujian province outlets.

It is reported that

, the establishment of the Xiamen branch is from Xiamen International Bank of Xiamen Siming branch upgraded to a branch of the bank also established within the territory of China tenth. The establishment of the Xiamen branch marks the bank to further rationalize the organizational structure of the Xiamen area management system, to enhance the overall level of operation and management in Xiamen and the development of financial innovation is of great significance.

is currently Xiamen branch under the jurisdiction of 1 grade two branch and 9 branch of the city (including Xiamen Hexiang branch allowed to build in). Especially the 13th Five-Year plan since the rapid development of the business to achieve sustained steady Xiamen branch. As of the end of 2015, the city ranked third units deposit of Xiamen branch; the customer deposit growth and increment in the industry were ranked third and second, the customer asset growth ranked first, is the backbone of our financial industry.

Xiamen International Bank Xiamen branch president Qin Zhihua said that the Xiamen branch will be inaugurated as an opportunity to make full use of the land, across the channel advantage for Hong Kong, Macao three, actively participate in the Xiamen free trade area and the "The Belt and Road construction, help enterprises to" go out ", and increase the difference of local small and micro enterprises and the real economy service efforts, leading the retail business to achieve beyond the bend, enhance the management level, to create a new platform for cross-strait financial services under the new norm.

in the future, Xiamen branch will be based in Xiamen, give full play to the advantages of headquarters and the internationalization of domestic and international linkage, and actively participate in the construction of the beautiful Xiamen, Xiamen economic restructuring and development to make new contributions.

Xiamen’s economic development can not be separated from the great policy of reform and opening up, the enterprise can not be separated from the transformation and upgrading, so that the fundamental economic development of Xiamen to continue to take off! In Xiamen, Xiamen branch has also been a great development for Xiamen’s economic construction has made due contributions.

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