The secret of a good husband and wife shop

the business people from all walks of life are facing fierce competition in the industry, operators are continued to display their eighteen Wu Yi, and in the process of continuous operation of the shop, also summed up the experience of the many secret. Here, Xiaobian to introduce you to open the secret of a good husband and wife shop!

ten years ago, my husband and I laid off. In order to make a living, we plan to do a small business. Because of the limited funds on hand, we will be the target of the opening of the couple grocery store. At first, we rented a small shop of three or four square meters. Two years later, we used to make money to expand the store, but also increased the number and variety of goods, and now looks like a model of a small supermarket. After many years of operation, we gradually find out a few good about the couple shop tips.

tips: husband and wife, create a successful

decided to start a business, we also consider what to choose the industry, how to do the problem. Later, after discussion, we unified the idea that is to open a grocery store. And we have a common goal, to make our days go by so that our daughters can go to a good university. So, no matter how difficult it is, we all stick to it. To run a good husband and wife shop, both sides of the husband and wife want to go to a place, to go to a place, in the business philosophy and methods of uniform views, so that we will have a strong entrepreneurial initiative.

secret two: Division of labor, labor saving


is a small shop, but we are very clear division of labor. Out of my Lord, my lord. When you want to purchase, I put the "purchase list" to him. When the goods arrived, we put together the shelves. In addition, we also made a scheduling table". As a result of shops in the downtown area, there are some places around the entertainment business in the early morning is not bad.

in order to ensure the rest time, we implement two rotation, at 8 every morning to open my morning, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.. My husband is on the late shift, from 2 p.m. to 3 a.m. the next day. In this way, we are able to give each other a meal, and the store’s business hours, income also increased. The couple take turns watching the business, also do not have to spend extra money to hire people, both effort and money.

tip three: make money, financial management two

husband and wife to open the family income channel is relatively simple, if the operation is not good, the impact on the family will be great. In general, I was responsible for bookkeeping. Although I am not very proficient in finance, but from the beginning of the first pot of gold, the purchase need capital, expand the scale of capital, profits and other issues, I will discuss with her husband, and then work together to decide. Also, we will pay more attention to financial management, part of the deposit is recommended