How to seize the hearts of consumers in retail stores

no matter what kind of business we run, if we can seize the hearts of consumers, this business will be more successful. In short, the business is easy to understand words is to do business, big business is business, small business is operating, such as the operation of a small supermarket, or operating a smoke cabinet. Do not think that these small businesses do not need brains, it can be learned! How to do a good job of these small businesses, how to seek development in the business, which is the next question to be considered.

The purpose of

is to make money, so how can we make more money, how to manage their own business? For example, running a smoke cabinet, tobacco is a necessity for many people who smoke, selling cigarettes every day there will be business. But more consumers, businesses will be more! So how do we capture the hearts of consumers? He would like to come to your house to buy cigarettes, this is the business of learning!

, the first to seize the consumer psychology, we take care of the smoke cabinet neat, neat, put in order, brand, price classification display, so that consumers at a glance. Such a cigarette cabinet is far more than the mess, all the dust of the smoke cabinet gives a sense of class, I feel that to buy cigarettes is a taste of your home!

second, but also understand the appropriate recommendation of goods. As an ordinary working-class, can you recommend Zunyi, long, relatively cheap and taste of the smoke, if a low paying people to buy cigarettes, you recommend that they can not afford to buy high-end products, will make them feel lost face. In short, the appropriate recommendations will increase your income, inappropriate recommendations will lose repeat customers.

third, service attitude is better, as the saying goes, stretched out a smile. No matter what kind of people to buy things, high or low, he is your guest, your yisifumu. Never to your customers a hint of neglect. Let’s think about, you dressed in rags came to the street, there are two shops selling the same goods, the same price, but one owner to see your shabby for you and the other a shopkeeper to be neither hot nor cold, warm greeting to you, for your patience explanation and answer all my questions. Where would you like to buy that product? It must be a good service. Because no one is willing to warm the face of others cold ass!

fourth, a reputation, credibility is the fundamental business. Many people are hate no reputable people, such as people to a wedding, booking 20 cigarettes, you promised. But then forget, did not give people to stay, many places are smoke-free seats ah! This puts your neighbors in a very awkward situation. No smoke and not happy. So people will believe you next time?

fifth, to have vision, if the appeal of the four you have done, then your back